With the end of Bigg Boss we give a glimpse of its journey.

Bigg Boss has always been known for its controversies, fights, tiffs and spats. One watches it to enjoy the sheer tussle of the contestants and the tasks. While it does sometimes, create many controversies, but as known to all, it’s all a gimmick to gain more TRPs and viewership.

We unravel here some of the high points of the show, that were gripping and extremely eye catchy.

Here are they –

Romance and Love bloomed in this season – This season we saw contestants openly expressing their love for each other, it started with Gautam Gulati and Diandra Soares. Their code ship looked like a romantic movie being played on small screen. Initially we saw them flirting with each other but when all participants were against Gautam, she supported majority.

Since that time Diandra started hating Gautam Gulati but suddenly love was in the air for them and audience enjoyed some cozy moments developed between them. Oh my God! was the reaction when Diandra took Gautam in bathroom and then she got eliminated, creating a controversy in context to the show, was alleged to be pregnant.

Another couple who didn’t miss any chance to express their love was Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel. Their story started when Upen began flirting with Karishma, initially Karishma was seen taking things in a funny way. But we saw a twist when Upen came back again after getting eliminated. Upen proposing to Karishma on National television and both kissing each other was unusual and different.

Time for the change; to see a new Host – It came as a Big shock for everyone when the face of the show Bigg Boss, Salman Khan left in mid way during as he had some professional commitments. Farah Khan stepped into his shoes as a host to host a new season altogether.

The Hijack task : Now coming to the controversies, the first fight witnessed was during the Hijack task where the contestants were divided in two teams. The Bigg Boss house was on fire on with the following task, during the task Gautam Gulati abused Karishma Tanna and the entire house stood against Gautam because of it.

Puneet Issar’s daughter Nivriti’s post for Karishma Tanna: Puneet Issar and Karishma were seen fighting a lot in the house but this fight took a ugly turn when Punnet’s daughter Nivriti took up to the micro blogging site and posted about Karishma’s father. The infamous tweet which went viral was ‘Did her father die a natural death? or did he kill himself for having a daughter like her who has no sense? However, Nivriti clarified later that it was a posted with a fake account.

Police Ki ladki slaps Ali Quili Mirza: It was surprising to see Sonali Raut slapping Ali Quili Mirza when he passed some lewd comments on her. It was amazing to watch Sonali’s transformed attitude since then, she got a tag of Police wali Ki Ladki.

Sambhavna Seth hurls sandal on Dimpy Ganguly Mahajan : Another shocker incident was between Dimpy Mahajan and Sambhavna Seth. It was an argument which turned ugly when Sambhavana Seth hurled sandals on Dimpy.

Halla Bol contestants: Introducing Halla Bol wild card entrants was another TRP gaining strategy of Bigg boss this time. Mahek Chahel, Sambhavna Seth, Rahul Mahajan, Ajaz Khan, Sanaa Khan were the entrants. They all got more spice and drama in the house. These five contestants were challengers for the other contestants. Ajaz Khan was evicted because he was seen doing violence in the season. As per the reports he was evicted as he had assaulted Ali Quili Mirza due to which he was unconscious and Ajaz was ousted from the house.

Well if u think we miss any high point of this season then let us know in comment section and with it wait for next season for more entertainment and fun.