Harman will make Surbhi sleep on the floor…

Colors’ Shakti has already presented a big twist where Soumya gets Harman and Surbhi married as a part of Preeto’s secret plan.

Surbhi comes to know that this is Preeto’s plan, but she does not inform Harman, on Soumya’s request. Such is the bond between the two sisters that during the wedding, Surbhi makes sure that Soumya also takes the wedding ‘pheras’ with Harman.

The drama will be taken a notch higher when Soumya will escort Surbhi to Harman’s room for a romantic ‘Suhagraat’.

Surbhi will maintain a low profile and will discuss their sleeping arrangements, disregarding the thought of getting intimate in any way. Harman, however, will rudely tell Surbhi that she will have to sleep on the bedroom floor as the bed is only meant for him and Soumya. Surbhi will quietly face all humiliations for Soumya’s sake.

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