An interesting drama to be seen in the upcoming episode of Tum Aisa He Rehna.

Sony TV’s Tum Aise Hi Rehna is going through a spooky and mysterious sequence where Anchal (Madhura Naik) is trying to create problems between Abhi and Ria.

In the last few episodes audience have witnessed that Anchal is always up to something or the game plan to harm Ria for Abhi’s (Kinshuk Mahajan) sake. Anchal takes a major step when she takes control over Ria’s body with a Tantrik’ help.

Well as spooky things continue to happen in Maheshwari family, more drama will be seen in the upcoming episodes –

Our source says, “In the upcoming episodes Dadi tells Ria not to step outside the house as bad omen might attack on her. Due to Aanchal, Ria (Shefali Sharma) is so stressed and afraid that now she has also started hallucinating things.”

“Ria will hallucinate that someone is trying to burn her saree but nothing as such happens. She fears about someone is trying to harm her and everyone will ask her that why she seems so worried,” adds our source.

Will Ria overcome this fear?

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