Village Boy Productions’ newest offering, Service Wali Bahu on Zee TV saw a power-packed episode yesterday wherein more of Gulkand’s (Akshara Singh) histrionics and sheer power were in focus.

The lady who has gotten home a huge dowry went on to slap the girl of the house, Guddu when she got into a major showdown with her father-in-law Jogeshwar (Atul Shrivastav).

Well, in tonight’s episode, the argument will go sour when in a fit of rage, Jogeshwar will ask Gulkand to get out of his house. And Ayodhya (Vineet Kumar), being a dutiful husband, will follow suit and tell his father that he will also leave the house along with Gulkand.

With this, Gulkand, Ayodhya and their kids will walk out of home, only to enter Gulkand’s brother’s place (Pankaj Vishnu).

A reliable source states, “Knowing what Gulkand is, she will go to her brother’s place and continue to scheme and plot and look for reasons to come back to her in-law’s house to spell trouble.”

When contacted, Akshara Singh told us, “Yes, the huge drama between Gulkand and her father-in-law is what viewers saw. It will lead to a major event in tonight’s episode.”

We hear that this will just be the beginning to bigger drama in the show.

Watch this space for more updates.