The show is going off air this month, but before that audience’s wish is finally being fulfilled with Sony Entertainment Television’s Humsafars bringing some cute romantic moments between the lead couple, Sahir aka Harshad Chopda and Arzoo aka Shivya Pathania.

With Valentine’s Day fever gripping the entire nation, viewers will also see Sahir and Arzoo get into a romantic mode as they celebrate their first Valentine’s together.

To make it a memorable one, Arzoo will decide to do something special for Sahir. Arzoo, who wouldn’t know how to cook at all, will surprise Sahir by making ice cream for him. That’s not it, she will also decorate their room with all of Sahir’s favourite things. Sahir, who would be completely engrossed in solving the mysterious things happening in the house, especially around Zeenat, will tend to overlook this, hurting Arzoo in the process. However being the loyal husband that he is, he will quickly realize his mistake and decide to apologize to Arzoo by serenading her! He will not only sing a song for Arzoo but also play the guitar!

Sweet…we say!!!