The actress makes her debut with the upcoming show, ‘Vishkanya’…

Born in Kolkata, she is young and is all set to hit your television screens in a pivotal role in the upcoming show, ‘Vishkanya’.

In a vis-a-vis conversation with debutante, Medha Bhattacharya, she tells about how acting happened to her, her role in the show and plans ahead..

So Medha, you mark your debut with ‘Vishkanya’. Tell us something about yourself.
I never really intended to get into acting. Like, I did not plan for it. Back in Kolkata, during my college days, I was interested in dancing and used to perform for several acts. That’s when someone told me that you should try for modelling. Then I was informed that there is this audition in Mumbai for an upcoming show. However, initially I disagreed to come to Mumbai for one look test.

So, the manager told me I will be setting up another audition for you. And then here I was at Peninsula Pictures, (the production house) auditioning for the role, where I spoke such weird Hindi and was so embarrassed about it (laughs). However, the next thing I know is Nissar (director) telling me that you are perfect for the role!

Tell us about your character…
I play Tapur, who is the younger sister of Aparijta aka Appu (Aishwarya Khare). I can totally say that every teenager will totally relate to my character.

She is rebellious and is jealous of the fact that her mother, Kalpana (Rohini Banerjee) pays all the attention to Appu, so there will be a little bit of revenge flavor probably as the story moves forward. Hence, being isolated in her house, she is an outgoing girl, who likes to hangout with friends. So, not only me but I think every teenager will relate to it totally.

I, myself am the only child however and I am closer to my father than my mother. Hence, this role is almost like playing myself in the show. I am so happy that I play a Bengali character in the show, which is literally the best thing that can happen to me.

Acting has pretty much happened to you as you say.. How elated do you feel about getting into this new space?
I am extremely happy to say the least. However, when I say that acting happened to me and I did not really intend to come into acting is because I was very lazy. In fact, I still am very lazy. For instance, if I have a call time at 8 a.m., I won’t be sleeping the previous night as I cannot get up early. But yes, work teaches you a lot.

And in this period of getting into acting, I owe everything to my father. He has always encouraged me to go ahead pursue different ventures. In fact, I was skeptical about some stuff, where my father said, you have to take this up and not worry about anything else. This is a rare case, as especially in Bengali, parents are very conservative and I have one of the most chilled-out families.

As you said, you are relatively lazy, so how do you cope with the infinite working hours that TV shoots demand?
I actually have no idea, how am I managing that (laughs). I am just going with the flow for now. Everyday when I talk with my mother, I tell her, today I slept for three hours or four hours… And my mother tells me, beta, ab aadat daal lo (child, get used to it now).

And at this phase of my life, I feel I needed that kick. I was so reckless about stuff, being a daddy’s girl and spending money etc. But, now this ‘kick’ happened to me and it changed everything… Two months ago, I had no idea what to do and now things have taken a total U-Turn.

With this show ready to roll, have you already planned something ahead? Have you thought that you want to do some particular roles or other stuff ahead?
Honestly, as I said, I never plan things. I let time surprise me and want to keep letting that happen. I want to work hard now and one of those hidden mottos of mine is that, five years down the line, when I go to shop at a mall, I don’t want to be worried about the price tag. So, I want to earn good, do good roles and be myself all the time.

We wish the actress All The Best for the show!