Some actors are born to be in news.

Even when they are away locked up in a desolated place, they still make headlines. Well we are talking about the leggy lass Karishma Tanna, who is currently enjoying her stint in the Bigg Boss house.

Well, a source close to the girl whispered to us that she is all set to walk the aisle soon post her Bigg Boss outing. And if you are wondering who has she chosen as her ‘lucky boy’, let us give you the information.

Karishma, as per sources, is dating the dashing restaurateur Rushabh Choksi. The guy co owns the posh club Escobar in Bandra, Mumbai.

Shares a source, “The two have been close for quite long and marriage is definitely on the cards for them. With both of them hailing from the same cultural background (Gujaratis) the families have readily agreed to the match.”

Checking out Karishma’s last few years birthday pictures on social networking sites, it comes as no surprise that the girl chose Escobar as the venue to celebrate. We also got some pictures of the happy couple (check above).

Let love bless the two forever.

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