The news of Rashmi Sharma Productions’ ongoing show Swaragini to be going off-air has been making rounds for a while now. However, the producer has brought a sigh of relief for all those fans who want Swaragini to go on and were asking for promoting the show as well.

A close source from the show, informs “Swaragini fans were very upset for an absence of promotional activity of the show in the sense that the promos were missing on the channel or elsewhere. However, Rashmi Sharma has listened to their queries and released a major promo of Swaragini on the channel along with Sasural Simar Ka; which is going to be a Maha Sangam episode on this Sunday. The viewers were impatient and wanted to know whether Swaragini too would be going off-air along with Krishnadasi and Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. But with this action, the producer has cleared the rumors and viewers can rejoice again and watch their favorite show for a longer period.”

While the Mahasangam episode will witness Simar (Dipika Kakar) helping Swara in finding the property papers that Adarsh has hidden, the viewers will also get to see the favorite sister duo of Swara and Ragini reuniting on the show.

Ragini will finally come to know the truth of Dadi being the face behind all the trouble and differences between both the families and thus she will join hands with Swara to expose Dadi along with Adarsh and Parineeta in front of Laskhya.

The viewers will get to see many twists and turns happening on the show! Stay tuned for more updates.