The media already reported about Sayantai Ghosh being roped in for the role of Rajkumari Rajeshwari on ColorsSasural Simar Ka.
Now in the coming episodes, Rajkumari will mark her entry with a sword fighting sequence with Siddhant (Manish Raisinghani).
A source informs, “Rajkumari will call Siddhant to test his fighting abilities and will challenge him to win a sword fight against her. Siddhant will fight the game with a lot of safety as he would not want to hurt the queen and in this bargain, he will end up hurting himself.”
Rajkumari, impressed with Siddhant’s capability to sword fight will show concern for him and will ask him to put up in her palace for the night.
Now this is the time where the show will introduce some cute Roli-Siddhant moments much to the amazement of the viewers!
Siddhant will help Roli (Avika Gor) sneak into the palace and they will be seen sharing a romantic bonding where she would apply medication to Siddhant who has hurt himself in the sword fight.
An actor on the condition of anonymity confirmed, “Rajkumari has called Siddhant to test his abilities for a reason and that is something the viewers will have to watch out for. For the moment, there will be a lot more romantic sequences between Roli and Siddhant but I cannot disclose any information as of now.”
Stay tuned to watch the episodes!