Bigg Boss 8’s most controversial and entertaining inmate, Gautam Gulati, is the top contender to walk away with the big prize this year, given his popularity. He doesn’t let go of any opportunity to grab eyeballs, to stay in the limelight and to keep the TRPs soaring. As the reality show comes to a close in less than a month, we give you five reasons why he might win the show.

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King of Controversy:

Right from day one, the star-in-the-making, has been chasing controversies. Whether it was rubbing lotion over his alleged girlfriend Diandra or verbally abusing fellow contestant Karishma, he has done it all. We are pretty sure he pulls these stunts off to stay in the limelight. Because he knows that only those who have been on the minds of the audiences have won the show.

Nautanki Number 1:

His impromptu performances for the cameras have had us wanting for more. He can cry, smile, dance and mouth-off dialogues in the spur of the moment. His spontaneous fights and arguments with fellow inmates are legendary. Perhaps that’s what makes him such a sought after contestant.

Body Show:

He doesn’t squirm away from flaunting his six-packs and sculpted body. He can drop his shirt at any time, much like his favorite actor and the show’s former host Salman Khan. No wonder he is such a hit with the ladies across the nation, including actress Jacqueline Fernandes who couldn’t stop gushing about his body when she was on the show to promote Roy!

Romantic Trysts:

His infamous ‘loo time’ with Diandra was splashed all over the media, thanks to their raunchy chemistry. He even tried his hands at Sonali and got into a mess with Karishma. This boy sure knows how to keep the ladies digging for him!

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