We love, we love…Gauti!!!

The stud or as he is popularly known, the king of Bigg Boss, Gautam Gulati is one of the forerunners to win the reality series this season.

Yesterday’s episode saw Gautam weep, vent in angst after losing the Torture Cage task (after being verbally provoked by Ali).

Now, his emotional breakdown (as per Mahek), got him back into the much needed limelight and he got a good share of screen presence in the episode.

His antics got him trending on Twitter as well. The hashtag #wearewithGautam is still trending on Twitter.

Yes, he must have been tired and emotionally jabbed which led to the outburst, but it’s also being suggested that he did all the hungama to gain camera attention, which is much needed to reach the finale by getting audience votes.

So what do you people think? Was he weeping in real or just for ‘footage’?

Let us know in the comment box below.