The host of the upcoming Bigg Boss 8, superstar Salman Khan talks about the show, hosting and much more in this conversation with us.

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is all set to board the flight of Bigg Boss 8 along with 12 contestants. Based on a theme of an airline, Colors’ popular reality show Bigg Boss 8 is all set to hit the screens September 21 onwards.

We spoke to Salman Khan, the very popular host of the show to know more about the show, the controversies related to the show and about the theme of this season.

When asked Salman about what new is going to happen according to this season’s theme, he told, “Nothing new; just new contestants and the same old Salman. The theme is ‘Plane’ and ‘Simple’. I have no idea about the new season and as the show progresses, everybody will come to know about it.”

Talking about the format of the show and the controversies happening in the show. He added, “That’s what the show is all about. My friends and even my mother tell me that ‘bahut thanda chal raha hai, jhagde nahi huye’. Sometimes they say that ‘abhi zyada ho gaya and then say ki iss hafte kuch hua hin nahi’.”

Along with praises, Salman also gets a lot of hate mails/tweets from his fans related to the controversies happening in the show. When asked him about how does he tackles those messages from the fans he replied, “I don’t go online and don’t follow what other people say to me. it doesn’t make any difference to me. I am just true to my job and am very correct with what I am working.”

There was news doing the rounds that this time Salman won’t be hosting the show but later he took up the show as a host for this season as well. When asked Salman about it, he added, “I didn’t want to as its too tiring and painful. I have got so many of my problems to sort out and then I am going to sort out 10 other peoples’ problems. I am just their host. If you see something happening inside then you must take a stand because then you know that what will happen outside. They come inside to get more work outside.”

We quizzed Salman about his views about the format of the show and he said, “I really like the format. You get to learn so much. They all are celebrities and they are playing the game with their heart and mind and whatever they do inside is correct. The game is all about evicting the other person out and winning. If you are fighting then you have to be alone and fight. I am looking for some really good contestants who will play the game smartly with their mind.”

We have seen Salman saying the tagline of the show in the promo which says ‘Sabki Lagegi Vaat.’ We quizzed Captain Salman as how is he going to do that with the contestants as a host to which he replied, “I have no idea. It will depend upon the contestants as what they will do inside.”

It would be interesting to watch the new season of the popular reality show Bigg Boss!