Chidiya Ghar (Garima Productions) airing on SAB TV is the story of a fun-loving family comprising of different members with their unique mannerisms. As per their different names, all the members exhibit one unique trait that defines their personality and behavior.

Gadha Prasad played by Jitu Shivhare in the show is one of the most affable and comical characters. In the recent track, Gadha Prasad will take on the form of the Lord of Death – Yamraj! In an interesting sequence wherein Babuji would tell the simpleton that Yamraj looks like him and Chitragupta looks like Kapi, Gadha Prasad will fall asleep and in his dreams look upon the Lord of Death in his own form. Things will become fascinating when Gadha Prasad will ask for intelligence as a boon from Yamraj.

Jitu Shivhare who plays the role of Gadha Prasad said, “My character is a simpleton at heart and believes anything that’s told to him. Enacting the role of Yamraj was an interesting experience as I had to get into the imposing form of one of the most feared Gods from Hindu mythology. Even the entire change in look and costume set it apart from my regular appearance.”

Chidiya Ghar airs every Monday to Friday at 9pm.