In this candid chat with Arya Babbar who got evicted this week in Bigg Boss 8, speaks about his journey in the house, memorable moments, friends he made in the house and much more.

Colors’ Bigg Boss 8 has been in news since the time the show has picked up. One of the major high points of the show was when Puneet Issar made an exit from the house due to the violence against Arya Babbar. Well, this weekend, we saw Arya Babbar bidding adieu from the controversial house and Arya, in this candid chat with us, spoke about his journey, strongest contestants and much more.

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How was your journey in the house?

My journey in the house was fantastic and rather very educative. I said so because I got an opportunity to make a brother like Upen Patel, got to know great people like Natasa Stankovic and also, I got an opportunity to continue my friendship with Minissha Lamba. We went through a lot of ups and downs but eventually everything is well now. Also, what I learn’t was there is a lot of difference in the upbringing of everyone in the house. I realized that life is beautiful. You be good to others and others will be good to us too.

Did the news of Minissha Lamba and you involved into the game planning before entering the house affect you in anyway?

It is very simple. When a film is about to release, the hero and the heroine have an affair. But when a film does not do well, that is okay. But yes, I agree that I did think about it. I did ask her that question whether you want something like this to happen. She said no and I respected her decision. In one of the conversations with Karishma Tanna, I had clearly mentioned that I will never nominate Minissha; come what may. Also, during one of the tasks, Minissha asked me to drape a saree and without giving a second thought, I did it. I never back-*****ed or used foul words for her. She first spoke about it so mine was just a reaction to the action. Eventually, I ended up speaking something which should not be spoken.

What do you think was the reason of you getting evicted from the Bigg Boss 8 house?

Bigg Boss was the main reason why I came out of the house because during a task, Puneet Issar got violent and I asked Bigg Boss for justice. He later came in with a decision that Puneet will be disqualified from the house. But the very next day, he was put in the jail and said that he did not get violent. I just failed to understand that there are 200 cameras in the house to cover all angles of the house, how did they not capture this violent behavior? I did plead to Bigg Boss for my disqualification from the game and Puneet Issar’s nomination too. Bigg Boss told me to leave it to the public and I was like for what was that entire chaos of disqualifying him from the house and then again bringing him back.

Who according to you is playing smartly and has the chance to be the winner?

I think Ali Quli Mirza because he is the clown of the house. No one is taking him as a friend and that is his strength.

One moment that you will always want to cherish…

My biggest happiest moment was when I was standing at the podium with Salman Khan and I was speaking about my book which will launch in January. For me, that was the biggest moment and that was the reason I came into the Bigg Boss house. It was this time the first time ever I spoke about my book.

With whom would you want to be friends outside the house?

I would love to be friends with everyone outside the house except for Mr. Puneet Issar.

We wishes Arya Babbar all the good luck for his future endeavors!