Harshad Chopra in conversation with us about his character and show…

The heartthrob of television Harshad Chopra made a comeback on television after a long sabbatical with Sony TV’s Humsafars as Sahir. The character of Sahir has evolved with time and Harshad also got himself evolved in the character to give his best on-screen.

We spoke to Harshad to know more about his experience of playing Sahir, the buzz about Humsafars going off-air and many more

Sahir is a different character to play for Harshad, who has always got to play simple and sober characters earlier. Talking about the experience of playing Sahir, Harshad says, “It’s been challenging and fun and most of the things depend upon how is it coming out and how is it being liked. If I will get to hear nice from the audience then I will think that my hard work has been paid off.

Talking about how Sahir’s character has evolved so far, Harshad told us, “We always see that what a person is doing but don’t try to find out why the person is doing so. He has a valid reason for whatever he is doing. He thinks, decides, follows and then he never looks back.”

So, is there anything which Harshad got to learn from his character? He said, “First, I just associate with the characters I get to play and then enact them. The moment I start associating myself with the characters, then I highlight the qualities which I don’t have. It’s basically an amalgamation of what’s written in the paper and who is playing it.”

Harshad feels that he has always got a good team to work with and he is happy working with the team of Humsafars as well. Talking about his bonding with his co-stars on sets, he said, “I have always had a good team to work with wherever I have. People have been nice and kind. Even here I have got good people to work with. Vibha ji (Vibha Chhibber) is my sweetheart. Even the entire production unit is very good to work with. I share a good bonding with Shivya as well. She is a very good and a hard working girl. She has a long way to go and she will do well in her life.”

There are rumours about Humsafars going off-air soon. When asked Harshad about it, he added, “As far as I know, I think it’s all rubbish because the way we are shooting and moving forward with our story, I think we have not quit. The attitude changes when we come to know that our show is going off-air when you just want to wrap up everything but it hasn’t happened with us now. I would have come to know if our show is going off-air. I am sure it’s not happening now.”

Way to go Harshad!