Ashutosh Gowarikar is all set to present his TV show Everest on Star Plus. Playing the lead in the show is the beautiful Shamata Anchan who will make her acting debut with the show. Recently at the launch of the show, we caught up with the actress and talked about her character of Anjali in Everest.

“Anjali is a simple small town girl who has regular dreams and aspirations. She is like any other girl of her age. One day she finds out that her dad doesn’t love her for she is a girl who cannot fulfill his dreams of conquering Mt Everest. Anjali is quite endearing with this revelation and rather than being upset or cursing her luck, she decides to take the mammoth challenge of fulfilling her dad’s dreams. She pushes herself and her beliefs to get her dad’s love for herself,” shared the actress.

Talking about her emotions with the show, Shamata said, “I am super excited, super anxious and super nervous about the show. There is actually a sea of emotions flowing through me. I feel so lucky to have got an opportunity to get to play this mentally and physically strong character. I got to perform so many stunts for myself; I don’t think I could have asked for more. We had the most wonderful time shooting on the mountains taking all challenges into our stride.”

We asked her about the world of TV and she quipped, “I feel TV is a huge medium although it has a small screen. In our country there are so many villages that do not have a movie screen but all houses surely have a TV screen. That is the reach of the medium. And I feel lucky to make my debut on TV.”

And lastly Star Plus is known for its bahus, does she feel nervous having to face competition from them? “Firstly, I would like to mention that the saas bahu shows are really very interesting. Although I do not get time to watch it, I surely flip through channels on a regular basis. I feel they are really great but then audience also wants something different and our show will provide that. But yes, emotions are also involved in the show lest it looks like a documentary on Everest. So it’s a very interesting concept and a beautiful one,” smiled Shamata.

We wish you luck, Shamata. Everest launches on 3 November on Star Plus at the 10 PM slot.