We can assure you that we would not like to give a miss to tonight’s episode on Bigg Boss Halla Bol (Endemol and Colors).

Wondering why we are saying so? Well, no need to play guessing games as we are all set to provide you with the details of tonight’s episode on Bigg Boss.

Karishma has successfully managed to draw eyeballs in the last week for different reasons; be it for Rahul Mahajan’s attempt to flirt with her, or for becoming extremely cozy with Upen Patel.

Now, in tonight’s episode Farah will be seen grilling all the inmates, where Karishma once again will get a ‘special treatment’ from Farah.

Farah will be seen rebuking Karishma for unnecessarily insulting Rahul during the ‘call center’ task, where Karishma offended Rahul with certain comments. In this situation Karishma will be seen defending herself by stating that she was purposely making such comments as she hoped that an irked Rahul will cut the call which will help Karishma’s team to win the task.

But Farah will point out that it was not the way as Karishma tried to project it. If, it would have the case then Karishma would not have remarked that she was feeling really great after cutting the call.

Karishma will again try to reason out with Farah that Rahul was trying to spoil her name, hence she reacted. To this Farah will be seen commenting that everyone knew that the entire flirting issue was just for fun and even she herself enjoyed it as she used to blush every time Rahul tried to woo her.

See girl, it’s not easy to escape from Farah’s eyes.

Farah will also be seen calling out for a vote to find who else thinks that Rahul tried to spoil Karishma’s name by flirting with her, to which, much to Karishma displeasure everyone will be seen supporting Rahul.

Moreover, Farah will also be seen mentioning that Karishma enjoyed the flirting session until Upen re-entered the house. It was only after Upen’s entry that her behavior changed.

Oops, quite a grilling session we must say.

In tonight’s class Farah will also mention that Dimpy had the maximum chance of insulting Rahul as she is very much aware of his weak points, but she maintained her dignity and did not make any personal comments.

And if all these grilling was not enough then later will come the killer line, where Farah will mention that Karishma has made more stars in the industry than Farah, as Farah believes that by creating issues with Gautam and Rahul she has actually converted them into television heroes.

Well tonight’s episode will surely be an interesting watch. What do you think readers?