Farah Khan, who will be seen hosting Bigg Boss Halla Bol, wishes to do a big television project with Bollywood’s King, Shah Rukh Khan.

In a recent interactive session with the media, the choreographer-turned-director commented that she will be back on television with her new show in February.

When she was asked whether she will try to get Shah Rukh Khan on Bigg Boss, she said, “It is not my responsibility or duty to get Shah Rukh on the show, the makers will decide about it. But, yes, I am planning to do a new show, where I will definitely invite him.”

Farah also mentioned that she insisted on taking Sambhavna Seth as one of the challengers as she believes Seth will add some entertainment element to the show.

She also fielded questions about comparisons with Salman Khan in her own fiery way.

“Honestly speaking, even if Narendra Modi starts hosting the show, he will be compared with Salman. Such is his popularity among the masses. My industry friends are in a state of shock after knowing that I am hosting the show, though Salman’s family has supported me a lot.”

When we spoke to the director regarding her approach towards the contestants, she said, “Salman has a different approach even when he rebukes the participants. My reaction and approach towards the contestants will absolutely depend upon their behaviour.”

We also quizzed her about whether her children enjoyed watching Bigg Boss and the witty director said, “My son once watched it, and he asked me why the contestants were shouting so loudly and that was the time when I taught him a lesson of life that he should never behave in that manner!”

Before signing off, the choreographer- turned-director-turned host also mentioned that she believes Gautam has the maximum chance of winning as he is the most entertaining one.

Well, have a good stint Farah!!!