It was a moment to remember on the sets of Life OK’s Nadaan Parinde (Scaling Heights Productions), when three to four teenaged local girls from Punjab stormed on the sets of the show in Chandigarh to meet their favourite actors.

Well, the girls first met the lead Karam Rajpal, clicked pictures with him and took his autographs. Later, they met Gulki Joshi and clicked pictures with her too. They got into a long conversation with the actress when they started to enquire about their hero, Purab aka Nikkhil Chaddha.

Unfortunately for them, Purab was not shooting on the particular day, and they were heart-broken on not meeting him. However, they left no opportunity to talk at length about their hero with Gulki.

A source from the set said, “Yes, the girls were in their teenage, and they have a huge crush on Purab aka Nikkhil is what we believe. One of the girls in fact, went to Gulki and even told her to convince Nikkhil on marrying her. The scenes were indeed funny to watch, and we enjoyed the interaction with the girls.”

When contacted, Gulki gave out a spontaneous laughter saying, “Yes, they were about 4 girls who had been on our set for some time. They went on meeting every actor, and met me as well as Karam too. After I signed autographs for them, they asked about Purab. One girl even expressed her desire to marry Purab (smiles). On seeing one girl confess her love for Purab, the other girls too got in queue and wanted to meet Nikkhil, in order to express their love for him. We had a crazy time convincing them that the actor was not available on set. We had to smartly send them off the set once they were done with confessing their love for their favourite.”

That was indeed cute!!

We then buzzed Nikkhil, the man of the moment to know about his reaction. “Yes, I got to know from Gulki that four girls had come on our set asking for me. In fact, I was not shooting on that day. She told me that all of them wanted to marry Purab (smiles), and one girl said she would go to the extent of killing anyone who would come in between her and Purab.”

On the popularity his character has bagged, Nikkhil averred, “It feels nice as an actor. Even when I was playing Vihaan in Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke, the character had got very famous. Now Purab has become very popular and girls love everything about the man. We actors put in so much of hard work to leave a mark on the characters we play, and this kind of appreciation makes me happy.”

Nikkhil, enjoy the popularity!!