Playing the bong beauty for the first time on screen, Pratyusha Bannerjee is quite excited about it. The girl who is seen playing Sagarika in Sony Entertainment Television’s Hum Hain Naa spoke to us about her character, show and lot more.

“I am really super excited to don the character and it’s amazing because I feel like being so myself on the show. I am playing Chatterjee onscreen and off the camera I am Bannerjee, so it’s a great feeling. Also Ashiesh Roy who is playing my father is known to me for long and I love the warmth on the sets,” quipped the petite actor.

Talking about the character Pratyusha averred, “She is a girl next door who is a sweet vulnerable person; having said this, she is strong on her stands. Since she has not been exposed to the world too much, she is not able to judge people well. The character is not only relatable to me but also is similar to every young girl. That has really made it easier for me to perform.”

The show talks about the ‘perfect husband’, when we asked the bubby girl what is her criteria on the same, she smiled, “Like every girl I too have the same hope that I would be the only one for my guy. Every woman requires only love and care from their man. But I really believe that all guys are the same and have a hard task in giving that to their girl (laughs).”

Shooting in Banaras for their initial schedule, Pratyusha had a wonderful time feasting on the yummy food. “The typical UP-Bihar food was worth relishing but the sun was so harsh that we all got tanned really badly. The sun burn has been so bad that all of us have been suffering from skin peel.”

Also the show is a comeback for the actor in terms of daily soaps after more than a year’s hiatus (Balika Vadhu). Talking on the same, she shared, “Yes initially it was difficult, for I was missing my friends but the team is so wonderful that I am getting pretty better with them. With all of them super entertaining, the long hours and shoot don’t really seem tedious for we have a great time.”

Cheers to that, Pratyusha!