The actor threatens a walk-out from the shoot of Zee TV’s acting talent hunt show

Promoting his upcoming movie – Raja Natwarlal on the sets of Zee TV’s India’s Best Cine Stars Ki Khoj along with his co-actor – Humaima Malick, Emraan Hashmi performed an opening act along with the contestants of the show. Having worked with various new actresses, Hashmi is known to be a cool tempered actor, especially with those who are new in the industry. However, his visit on the sets of the show irked him to do something that he has never done in his entire career.

Preparing for an opening act along with the contestants of the show, Sonam Bisht, a Dehradun contestant, was to slap Emraan as a part of the gig. However, during the rehearsals, she ended up slapping Emraan a little hard on his cheek. Having apologized to Emraan, Sonam continued rehearsing for the act, when she saw a furious Emraan moving out of the set, telling the creative team of the show that he did not appreciate what had just happened. Seeing Emraan angry, Sonam panicked, apologizing profusely and reached a point where she could have broken down at any moment. This was when, one of the crew members gave in, and burst out laughing loud and soon everybody on the set including the judges and Emraan himself started laughing out loud looking at Sonam.

While Emraan has earned the tag of being a prankster over the years, he ensured that everybody, including the judges and the host of the show were a part of this prank. Breathing a sigh of relief, Sonam was glad to have been fooled by one of the most happening stars in the country. Continuing the fun and frolic, Sonam then went on to do a gig where Emraan was to be wooed by Humaima and Sonam. While Sonam played Emraan’s wife, Humaima was the other woman who tried vying for his attention as much. Walking away with both of them at the end of the act, Emraan seemed to have enjoyed all the attention he received from the ladies.

While Emraan and Humaima totally enjoyed themselves on the sets, the contestants were glad to have the duo as their latest Bollywood Buddies’ – their friends, philosophers and guides from the film . We hope that the viewers enjoy the episode just as much as the contestants and Emraan.