Zee TV’s Bandhan (Swastik Pictures) may not be doing that great on the TRP charts but it’s proving a hit for actor Aniruddh Dave.

“I am happy with every project that I get in hand for it works wonders for me. All the characters that I’ve essayed till date have been different and they’ve also been appreciated,” said the proud actor.

He is also happy about not being a part of a women-centric show this time. “This is neither woman nor a man dominated show. An elephant is a hero here and I like it. The baby elephant is simply adorable and I’ve become friends with him now,” he said.

He added, “The elephant on our show is more understanding than our so-called newcomers. He knows the spot he is supposed to be at and acts as soon as hears action. I am learning so much from him.”

When we asked him what he learned from the animal, he said, “His masters teach him to enact a scene 25 times before the final take and he gets it right always. If he can enact a scene with so much perfection we can do it even better!”

Is the constant low rating of Bandhan worrying you? “I feel 1.5 is not a bad rating at the 7 o’clock timeslot,” he said.

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