Life OK’s Savdhan India will narrate the story of a small town girl getting sexually exploited by not one, but three men of a house.

The story similar to the Tulip Joshi movie, Matrubhoomi will have Ekta Tiwari in central cast. She will play the role of the silent sufferer, who would be married to two brothers in the same house.

While one of her husband’s will be positive, the other one would be criminal-minded. The girl will be troubled even more when the father of the two sons will also express his desire to bed his daughter-in-law. The story will then revolve around the girl’s fight back to punish the men who exploited her.

When contacted, Ekta Tiwari confirmed that she is presently shooting for the episodic.

Rookie actors Vipin Chhal and Raj Singh will play the husbands of Ekta. This episodic is being produced by Keylight Productions.

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