When news about the action packed Pukaar – Call For The Hero by producer-director Vipul Shah came out, the audience was most shocked hearing the name of the comedy king Deven Bhojani to be associated with it. More so since he took the responsibility along, with Vipul Shah, to direct this action show. Although when show started people wondered whether Deven will succeed in this venture or not?

But now since the verdict is out and he has been successful, people are appraising Deven and on the other hand he himself is satisfied to succeed in finding an action director within him. Deven says, “Yes, it’s true that till now people saw me as a comedy or family drama director. So watching me do an action series was obviously shocking for them but for me this journey of Pukaar’ had been really special.

For me, I would go on to say Pukaar’ is a different genre rather than just action, something which helped me discover myself as a director. When I’m acting or directing something I’ve always try to rediscover myself. This way I try to bring out the hidden talent in me. I think my search ended up at Pukaar’.

Through Pukaar’ I understood many possibilities hidden inside me. Believe me, I’m having such a satisfactory feeling within me today.”