Star Plus’ Ek Hasina Thi now gears up for some more drama wherein Durga will try to provoke Shaurya to get a reaction from him on her engagement.

As Durga is all set to get engaged in Cinevistaas’ popular thriller show Ek Hasina Thi on Star Plus, she is also set to make her plan work which is to provoke Shaurya about reacting on her engagement.

According to the ongoing tracks of the show, we have seen that to Durga’s (Sanjeeda Shaikh) surprise, Shaurya (Vatsal Sheth) congratulates her for her engagement. While on the other hand, Dev (Bhuvnesh Maan) meets with Payal to query about Nitya’s whereabouts. Even though Dev was told by Payal (Teena Chopra) that Nitya is dead but he doesn’t believe her.

Our source informed us, “In the forthcoming tracks of the show, Dev will get shocked to hear about Durga’s engagement thinking she is doing it against her will. On the other hand, Durga will provoke Shaurya to get a reaction from him. later, Sakshi (Simone Singh) will confront Durga about not to play any game to create any differences between the mother son.”

“Eventually, on the engagement day Durga is quite anxious as Shaurya doesn’t turn for the engagement,” adds our source.

It would be quite interesting for the viewers to watch the fate of Durga’s plan!