Zee TV’s Jamai Raja is all set for a high end drama as Durga Devi breaks the alliance of Sid and Durga

Zee TV’s newly launched show Jamai Raja is grabbing many eyeballs of the viewers and is getting good response for the performance of the actors.
As per the ongoing track, Roshni (Nia Sharma) has realized her love for Sid (Ravi Dubey) and they both have confessed it whereas Durga Devi (Achint Kaur) is thinking that Roshni is in love with Krish thus in the upcoming track there will be an intense drama in the show.

As per the sources, “Roshni will tell her mother that she loves Sid and not Krish. This will make DD angry and she will deny but Sid and Roshni will convince her. Their engagement will get fixed but Durga who is not happy with the relationship will play awful games to break the relationship.”

“Sid has not told Roshni and DD about his stature. Thus DD thinks that he comes from a middle class family and will try to insult him and his parents. Sid and Roshni will get engaged. But later Durga Devi will play a game and will succeed in breaking this engagement. She will claim the Sid and his family is demanding a huge amount as dowry. This comes as a shock to Roshni but later she will come to know that DD was lying and Sid’s parents has never demand any dowry,” adds our source.

“Later Sid and Roshni will decide to do Roka without telling DD but unfortunately DD will come to know about the Roka and she will reach at the spot,” ends our source.

Will Sid and Roshni will be able to do their roka ceremony?

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