Loyal viewers of Zee TV’s newest offering, Service Wali Bahu (Village Boy Productions) have been witnessing high-end drama with Dev (Abhishek Rawat) going to Payal’s (Kratika Sengar) house to confess love, but coming back with a sad heart after hearing of Payal’s wedding being fixed.

Now, at the onset of Holi, Dev who would feel guilty about going to Payal’s house and proposing love without even knowing what she feels of him, will decide to yet again go to meet Payal at her house, this time to ask for forgiveness.

Well, the stage will be set for both the families for a festive Holi celebration. Amidst all this, Dev will silently leave to meet Payal. At Payal’s home, there will be a celebration galore with everyone including Payal getting into a dancing spree.

There will be a typical filmy moment too, as Payal will be about to throw colour on someone, but will accidentally throw it on Dev’s face, thus colouring his face completely with colour. While Payal will recognise the guy to be Dev, Rajat (Yash Chaudhary) and others in Payal’s family will not be able to recognize Dev. And in this moment, Dev will apologize to Payal for his bad behaviour and will ask her to be happy in the life she has chosen for herself. This gesture of Dev will melt Payal’s heart, and she will finally get the impression of Dev being a nice-hearted man.

Is this the start of the love story for Payal?

We tried calling Kratika, but could not get through to her.

Watch this space for more updates on the show.