Fireworks Productions’ popular show, Shapath on Life OK as we know, will come out with a new series revolving around a haunted mansion.

As reported earlier by us, the story will bring to life different worlds, in which various eerie creatures will be found.

The best part of the ‘Haunted Mansion’ series will be that Aamir Dalvi will play two roles – that of a dead corpse as well as a villain haunting the mansion.

As per reliable sources, “The mansion will have four different rooms, wherein each room will have a different world which will have many scary creatures in it. In the main living room of the mansion, there will be the dead body of Kavi placed. However, the cops who will come to solve the mystery will notice another Kavi roaming around, and creating havoc. The mini series will see few of the cops getting lost in the mansion.”

We tried contacting Aamir Dalvi, but did not get through to him.

Get to see this interesting series in Shapath, starting July.