Tall and handsome yet fiercely intimidating. That’s how Vikramjeet Virk comes across when you first lay your eyes on him. His firm and iron grip handshake is enough to send shivers spiraling down your spine. But beneath his strong exterior is a delicate and warm-hearted person, someone you would instantly relate and connect to with ease. The man who made a mark on television with his brilliant villainy portrayal of Mahmud of Ghazni in Zee TV’s Shobha Somnath Ki is all set to enthrall us once again as Triloki in Zee TV’s latest superhero offering, Maharakshak Aryan. By his own admission, the show didn’t excite Vikramjeet much initially until the story and his character sketch made him change his mind and sign the dotted lines.

“Initially, I thought this was going to be yet another run-of-the-mill superhero show that has been made on television before as well. But when I heard out the script, I was extremely impressed. My character Triloki and his look in the show made me immediately say yes to the show. Also the kind of VFX and other graphics that have been used in the show will make it a pleasurable viewing,” reveals Vikramjeet

While Vikramjeet as Triloki is well over six feet tall with broad shoulders and bulging biceps, the role of the superhero is played by newcomer teenager Akarshan Singh who physically is no match to Vikramjeet’s brute strength. Ask Vikramjeet if the absence of a powerful well-built actor as his adversary concerned him, the actor says, “Yes, initially even I had similar concerns thinking it would be a mismatch to show someone so young standing up to me in the same frame. But that’s the beauty of the story. The young boy is blessed with mighty powers using which he can take on the most menacing villains. So the story needed a villain who is tall and strong and a superhero who is much like a simple common man.”

Vikramjeet who has been prolific down south and has two movies lined up for release is not in a hurry to sign up roles in television left, right and center. “I don’t want to sign serials just to make money. I am looking for strong characters, either positive or negative lead. There were many offers from Sony and their new channel, Sony Pal but I am currently not seeking to play minor characters. I am looking for strong, substance oriented roles, something like Maharakshak Aryan.”

We are sure after Mahmud of Ghazni, Vikramjeet as Triloki will once again captivate audience with his acting histrionics.