Comedian Suresh Menon is entertaining viewers on SAB TV’s newly launched comedy show Hansi He Hansi Mil Toh Lein (Contiloe Pictures).

Talking about the laugh riot, Suresh shared, “SAB TV is known for getting unique and funny shows and Hansi He Hansi promises to bring various funny spoofs and gags. The show is getting a good response and people are enjoying it.”

You have been a part of the industry for many years now, how satisfied are you with your journey? “I am quite satisfied with my journey. It’s been 22 years now, and I am quite fortunate that I have tried different things and people have accepted me in everything.”

Comedians these days are getting into lot of controversies…you think humour is not taken in the right spirit? “I don’t understand why people get offended by comedy. Comedy is meant to make people laugh. Comedians are the pride of a country and I feel there should be more comedy shows in India.”

What sets you apart from other comedians? “I feel that I am a very flexible actor and have an ability to laugh at myself. I never get bothered if people laugh at me. In fact, I think that I can make everyone laugh.”

Why do you think that sex comedies are not accepted well in India? “Well, that I too don’t understand. People do watch English sex comedies and laugh on it. But when it comes to Hindi cinema, there is a big hype about it.”

Lastly, tell us who your competitors in the industry are? “I think it’s good to have competition. There is only one Suresh Menon but that doesn’t mean I am proud about it. I follow and watch all comedians and their shows. As at the end, we are all trying to spread happiness in our own style.”

Very well said, Suresh.