Ishaan asks the doctor what happened to Shaurya. Doctor says he has cancer. Ishaan and Urmi hug and cry. Urmi says cancer can’t happen to our child. Reporter says Urmi’s tears are speaking her heart out. What a mother feels knowing about her child’s illness is clearly shown. Urmi cries and says Shaurya can’t have cancer. Urmi says she has lost his nerves, life, past and future, thinking her son will die.

Reporter says Urmi is trying to make herself belief that whatever she has heard is a lie. She doesn’t want to listen, and Ishaan is trying to take care of her. Urmi cries miserably. Reporter says you all know that Urmi loves her son very much. Offscreen son inspire her to become a mother. Urmi says she is not a mother yet, but Shaurya inspired her to become a mother. Reporter says we are hopeful that you will take care of Shaurya. Urmi cries badly. Keep reading.