Did you watch Bigg Boss 9 last night?

Though emotions ran high with the so many fights happening, Mandana Karimi surely took away the cake.

From her argument with partner Keith Sequeira, to her standing for herself, against all the housemates, the girl surely had a tough time.

Now from what we hear, the fights and difficult task took a serious toll on the Iranian beauty.

Shared a source, “Having done the task in the sun, without any sleep, Mandana would be feeling low. And then with her stealing the coins as a joke, the housemates would get furious on her. The contestants would get together and confront Mandana and they would have an ugly showdown.”

Not being able to take the pressure, the girl would fall ill and ask Bigg Boss for medical aid. She would be seen in the confession room, shedding tears and asking to be sent back home.

Sensing it to be a critical matter, the makers sent doctors to aid her. Post examination, Mandana was put on glucose and given medicines to make her feel better.

Do watch the episode tonight to experience all the drama!