Handsome actor Nandish Sandhu shares his Stay fit mantra with us.

Colors’ stunner actor with a hot body, Nandish Sandhu who was last seen in Beintehaa speaks to us how he maintains his body and what is his secret behind this well maintained figure. Also, talks to us about his fitness regime. Have a look –

What efforts do you take to stay in shape?
I work out regularly to stay in shape.

Are you conscious about your food choices?
Yes, I have to be because looking good and being in shape is a part of my profession now. I have to take care of my food habits.

Do you take protein supplements?
Yes I do. Proteins are very important for the body and in a daily routine, the kind of food that we eat because of our profession along with hectic working hours, it is not possible to take care of what you eat all the time. So proteins are very very important. Moreover, you do not have a choice. If you want to look good and you want to work hard, you do not get enough supplements so this way proteins really help our body.

Is there any sport you are skilled at?
I love cricket and I used to play cricket a lot. Cricket is something that has been very very close to me.

A celebrity’s body you admire
Hrithik Roshan.

What is your fitness secret?
My fitness secret is that I diet.

A fitness tip for your fans
Eat right and do not over work out. Fitness does not mean just lifting weight. You need to be fit from within so the basic fitness tip that I would want to give is that – Take care of your body, eat in proper proportion and give your body enough workout so that you do not become a lazy bum. This is the basic idea of fitness.