Gear up for the high voltage in the upcoming episodes of Colors’ Shastri Sisters..

As per the current, Aastha tells Vrinda as to what she wants to take the complaint against Rohan away. Elsewhere, Kajal shares her happiness with Leela. In the meantime, Guddu informs Rajat, Anu and Devyani about overhearing the conversation of Kajal and Leela. Meanwhile, Alka tells Vrinda to not let Rohan apologise to Aastha. Later on, Rohan and Alka put on a fighting show for their parents to overhear.

Now in it’s upcoming episode, Minty will stop Rajat. Rajat will be happy. Rajat will inform Anu about the same. Kajal doubt on Rajat. Vrinda will tell Rohan to accept what Astha is telling but Rohan will still be adamant on his decision.

Devyani will tell Anu that after two days her birthday is approaching and they are going to celebrate. Here Rajat will put some bug in Kajal’s room to track her activities. Devyani will call Neel and will tell him to join office immediately.  Neel doesn’t tell any tell to Kajal.

Vrinda will tell Alka that because of her work Astha is attracted towards Rohan. Here Rajat will listen to Kajal’s recording and suddenly he will hear Ajay’s name. Kajal will not talk much about Ajay. Anu will tell Rajat about Ajay and Kajal’s relation.