The loyal viewers of Life OK’s daily series, Kalash (Balaji Telefilms) must be enjoying RaVika’s lovey-dovey moments after a long time.

Now, it’s time for the couple’s bond to grow stronger.

While Nivi (Donal Bisht) will try to create some more troubles between Ravi (Krrip Suri) and Devika (Aparna Dixit), Devika will cleverly spoil Nivi’s evil means.

A source shares, “As Ravi will inform Devika about attending a party with Nivi, Devika will doubt Nivi’s intentions. She will soon realize that the cunning lady must be up to something mischievous. Devika will soon arrive at the venue to stop Nivi from exploiting Ravi”.

And this incident will indeed make Devika conscious and she will challenge Nivi that in coming days, she will reveal her truth.

Devika will also hatch plans to make Nivi confess about her misdeeds in front of Ravi.

We wish that the lady will be able to do so.

However, we could not get in touch with Devika.