Devdutt and Ajatshatru joins the Buddha’s Sangh with an ill motive to degrade his image in Zee TV’s Buddha…

B.K. Modi’s mythological series Buddha on Zee TV now gears up for some drama wherein, Devdutt and Ajatshatru are trying to spoil Buddha’s (Himanshu Soni) image after joining his Sangh.

Our source informed us, “Devdutt (Devyansh Tapuriah) will surrender himself after putting his sword in Buddha’s feet and further he will express his desire to join Buddha’s Sangha. Devdutt becomes Sangha Bhikshu and later he meets Manveeka (Sareeka Dhillon) whom he saved once while she was killing herself after she was left by her husband. Devdutt ill-intention is to take revenge from Buddha by using Manveeka. Manveeka gets a lotus flower for Buddha and goes to the ashram to give him the same.”

Our source adds further, “On the other hand, Ajatshatru is also pleased to know about Devdatt joining Buddha’s Sangha and Ajatshatru plans for a debate on literature and Dharma in Ajatshatru’s court. Soon then, Manveeka comes to the court and she claims that she is carrying Buddha’s child in her womb. Later it would be revealed that it was just a plan to spoil Buddha’s image.”

Though Devdutt’s plan fails again but this move will bring Devdutt and Ajatshatru closer to fight against Buddha. What will be Devdutt and Ajatshatru’s next course of action?

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