It’s been seven long years since Dev and Sonakshi parted ways in Sony TV show Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi. But destiny brought them face to face with each other where the two lashed out at each other indirectly.

The crux of Dev and Sonakshi’s separation was the latter’s inability to conceive. When Sonakshi met Dev, she did not find the need to inform him about Suhana.

As per media reports, Dev will soon come to know about him being a father to Suhana and will reach the Bose house to claim his right over his daughter. He will be miffed and would want to beat up Sonakshi and Bijoy as he always wanted to have a child and deserved to know about his daughter. Dev will want to take Suhana back to Delhi with him as he will feel it is his house where Suhana belongs.

Sonakshi, on the other hand, will think that she was ousted from Dev’s family just because she could not conceive and now that she has single-handedly looked after her daughter, Sonakshi will not want any interference or issues in her life.

But destiny has something else in store for Dev and Sonakshi. Will Suhana accept Dev as her father? Will she reunite Dev and Sonakshi?