Rannvijay Singh is a self-made man. With no filmy background, this son of an army officer made it big in the glamour industry on his own and is today a popular name especially among the youth of this country. While he has tasted immense success in the world of television, Lady Luck is yet to smile on him in Bollywood. But for Rannvijay being an A-list actor is not the true barometer of success and he rightly points out how already is successful and wants to keep continuing the trend. Professionally, Rannvijay will be seen playing a dashing army officer in Vipul Shah’s Pukaar – Call For The Hero. We caught up with the handsome hunk for a quick chat on army, films and much more.

You entire family has served in the Indian army. Can we say this was like one dream role?

Oh yes! There has always been this wish of knowing how life would have been had I been in the army since six generations of my family memebers have actively served the Indian army. Through this role, those wishes have been fulfilled I can say. And the best thing is it’s not a film which would have meant shooting for about 20 days for a 2 hour product.This 24 episodic mini series has allowed me to live my dream of being an army man much longer.

Why didn’t you join the army?

I was all ready to join the army and had infact cleared all my exams and medical tests too. There was two-mont break during which I decided to participate in Roadies just to win a bike. I was a great bike enthusiast. I told my father and he said, “Ja beta jee le apni zindagi’ for two months. I got selected and the rest of the things just fell in place. After the show, MTV guys told me that they wanted to do something more with me because they thought I had a spark. I informed my father about my decision to get into television and he was cool about it.

So no one was disappointed when you chose the glamour world over army?

My parents are very proud of me today and they were certainly not disappointed then when I chose a different career path. To be honest, going to the army would have been was easy decision and choice. So I took the tougher option and chose to make a career outside the army where I had no godfathers.

How did your dad react after learning about your role in Pukaar?

You remember the scene in Lakshya where Hrithik calls his father and says, ‘Dad I have found my Lakshya’? It was a similar feeling when I informed my dad who is a Lt. general serving in Syria right now over phone that I am playing an army man in Pukaar. My dad is already proud of me and on hearing this he grew deeply emotional.

Do you feel Pukaar can get you immense acting success that has been eluding you all this while?

To be honest, in life I have never wanted to people to say that I am the best actor. I am not desperate for everyone to say that I am an A grade actor. I work a lot and earn a lot and many people’s house run because of me. My parents are proud of me and what I am doing professionally. I have my own house. So for me, success has already happened and I just want to continue going this way. If someone praises me for my acting, I will get more work. That’s my only thing. If I start feeling the desperation to be inordinately successful, I will never be happy. So I am not greedy for people to tell me that I am a great actor.

Martyrs and their families are often forgotten in our country. What do you have to say?

Army as an institution is very strong and is like one big family but yes outside it there is no recognition. Martyrs are forgotten which is really sad. All that we from the army want is for people to remember the sacrifices made by those who laid down their lives for their motherland. Recognition is what every army family needs.