Life OK’s show Savdhan India has always showcased some inspiring stories to fight back against crime.

In an upcoming episode of the series the story will revolve around a newly married girl, who would be cheated in her marriage and finally fight back

And for the leads, the maker (Rowdy Rascals) has roped in Munnabhai MBBS famed actor Vishal Thakkar, and Deepti Saha.

This particular episode will focus on the story of Roshni (Deepti Saha), who would marry Vikas (Vishal Thakkar) and after their marriage she will receive calls from an unknown person asking her to give money in exchange of her MMS clip.

When we spoke to Deepti, she confirmed the news and stated, “In the story, when I will receive the calls, I will think it to be my ex-love trying to blackmail me. Later on, it will be revealed that it was my husband along with my in-laws, who filmed the MMS clip”.

The story will then on focus on how Roshni would fight back against this heinous crime.

We tried reaching Vishal for a comment but he remained unavailable.