With the upcoming episode of Zee TV’s Jamai Raja, there is lot of drama in store for the viewers.

As per the current track, we have seen alot of nok-jhok brewing between DD (Achint Kaur) and Shiv but in the episodes ahead they will end up taking a big step and will get divorced. To know what made the duo take such a big step, read below:-

Siddharth (Ravi Dubey) is on his way to plot new ideas to bring his in-laws close. While we have seen Siddharth’s plans materialize, the show will present a turn-around of events.Â

Siddharth along with Roshni (Nia Sharma) and Shiv plot a plan to get DD and Shiv closer. They will ask DD to file a divorce against Shiv so that she realizes his importance in her life. But to everyone’s surprise the step which they take positively will go in vain as DD will sign the divorce papers.Â

With this big step of DD, will we see an end to Shiv and DD’s love story or Siddharth will succeed in bringing him back in DD’s life?

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