Zee TV’s popular show Bandhan…Saari Umar Humein Sang Rehna Hai will gear up with an interesting twist as Darapan’s life will be in danger.

Swastik Productions’ popular show Bandhan on Zee TV delves into the story of an elephant and his bonding with the little girl Darpan.

Till now we have seen, Vishwas Rao’s (Sudesh Berry) is creating a havoc and terror in the forest area where Darpan’s father Mahesh Karnik (Aditya Redij) is a chief forest officer and has been trying to stop him for causing trouble.

As the Vishwas Rao’s family has been introduced in the show, more twists and turns will unfold as the story progresses ahead.

According to the sources, “While Dev Prakash and Sheetal’s engagement is taking place, the little girl Darpan lands up at the engagement venue in search of her elephant brother and gets caught by Dev Prakash.”

Well, will Mahesh be able to save Ganesh and Darpan from Dev Prakash’s cruel intentions?

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