Rithvik Dhanjani who is showcasing his dancing as well as daring skills in Dare 2 Dance, talks about the challenges faced, meeting the host of the show Akshay Kumar and more…

Popular actor Rithvik Dhanjani who is seen in Life OK’s dance cum stunt based show Dare 2 Dance, is showcasing his dancing skills in a unique way. Though it is a dance show Rithvik also has to accept a challenge of performing his act by showing his daring behavior. In conversation with us, he talks about the show, challenges he has faced and much more…

Here is Rithvik talking about the same –

How was your experience doing a show like Dare 2 Dance?

It is a fantastic experience being on a show like Dare 2 Dance not only because there was Akshay Kumar – the man himself, on the show but also it gives immense pride and a sense of achievement in a very different way. All of us have danced before, we have done stunts earlier but we have never done stunts along with dancing. This time we were on the dance floor which was absolutely not predictable. For one episode our dance floor was in the air and at the next moment it was in the water. We could not act on one dance floor like we did earlier. Every week we were given a new act, a new dare. To achieve those dares and to overcome those fears I think it was a fabulous experience. I truly enjoyed a lot.

Now that you have done a stunt based dance reality show, would you take a show totally based on stunts and dares?

Stunt based shows like Khatron Ke Khiladi is an amazing platform to perform such dares but not right now. But I would definitely love to do that show one day.

How different is this dance show than Nach Baliye in terms of dancing with partners?

It is very very different and difficult. In Nach Baliye season 6, you are dancing with your partners and dancing on the dance floor which is fixed and stable but here with every act our danced floor changed. Also, in Nach Baliye everyone was not trained dancers but here every contestants are professional dancers. The dare element is so high that it becomes very difficult and you cannot compare it to any other show.

Out of all the contestants who was your biggest competitor?

I don’t think there was one competitor as such. The most important competition was with my own self. To achieve and reach a level where I can compete with other contestants who are already professional choreographers was a big task for me. To match up to them and survive in the entire journey was my competition.

How enchanted you were to met Akshay Kumar?

We had so much fun. It was just unbelievable. Akshay himself told us that this was one of the very few shows that he really enjoyed doing it. When our show was on the verge of ending, he told all of us that ‘it was really an amazing time being with you all and I had never really thought that the show will turn out to be such an amazing experience for me too’. He actually tried all the dares and stunts and showed us how the dare is supposed to perform. He was such an enthusiastic host I do not think Dare 2 Dance can have a better host than him.

Any of your acts that you were actually scared of doing?

I am really scared of heights. My first act itself was dancing in the air with stunts and it got very difficult for me to perform due to my phobia. I think that was the most difficult one but besides that too all the acts were very difficult.

Your first episode is already on air. What about the reviews that you are getting?

The whole show is a very new concept so some may like it very much; some may not like it at all. But I am so sure, by the time they watch more two-three episodes, there will be no chance that nobody likes Dare 2 Dance. Viewers will be left with no other option but loving the show. I am just waiting for a few episodes to pass and then everyone will be like what an amazing show it is.

Finally, any message to your fans?

Thank you everyone for all the support. Whatever I am today is because of their love.

We wish Rithvik all the good luck for his future endeavors.