Sony TV’s Itti Si Khushi (Director’s Kut) will see some high-voltage drama in the coming episodes which will lead up to Aman (Anuj Sachdeva) and Neha’s (Smriti Kalra) wedding being finalized.

Yes, you heard it right!! Aman as we know, has tried talking to his mother Gayathri (Kiran Bhargava) about him marrying Neha. Though the lady is not at all convinced with his son’s decision, she will be forced to abide to it. However, in tonight’s episode, she will be seen questioning her son whether he has taken the right decision and that whether Neha would be perfect for him.

As per sources, “Gayathri will give her nod, but will tell Aman to take the consent of his Dadi (Amardeep Jha) who has otherwise been very upset with Neha’s childish attitude towards life.”

However, the twist in the tale will come when the Dadi will also accept Aman’s relationship and will give a nod to the wedding. But she will have a condition to put, according to which the responsibility of grooming Neha before and after her marriage will be on Gayathri.

Will Gayathri provide the perfect foundation for Neha to impress Dadi?

We tried calling Anuj Sachdeva, but did not get through to him.

Well, we hear that Dadi will create a lot of embarrassing situations that will hurt Neha all the more.

Watch out for the interesting sequences in Itti Si Khushi…