Let’s take a look at the then and now of Bigg Boss Season 10’s most entertaining contestant!

Bigg Boss Season 10 is definitely more entertaining that any of the seasons prior to this. Due to common people being on board, a lot of people are watching the show religiously. One of the main reasons for this is the self-proclaimed God-Man Om Swami! Let’s take a look at his past, present and future!

Before entering the Bigg Boss house, Om Swami was already surrounded by controversies! He had earlier slapped a woman on live TV! He had also made a statement that he will finish off anyone who comes to harm the country like Nathuram Godse had assassinated Gandhi! He has over 28 court cases filed on him which include, theft, defamation, molestation and even cycle theft that was filed by his real brother!

Om Swami entered the Bigg Boss house with a bang! In the initial days, he was seen getting too cozy with the female contestants. At the same time, he made lewd remarks on them and even called them characterless! He got away with his doing by saying he was protecting Bharatiya Sanskriti! He also made lewd remarks at the male contestants, castes, and families of the inmates. He was always a rebel and liked to defy authority. he always had his way of doing things and didn’t bother to follow simple rules. He picked a fight with almost each and every contestant on the show and still didn’t improve. No matter how much the inmates tried to explain things to him, he refused to bargain.

He claims to be a Sanyasi Tantrik yet he was seen getting too cozy with females! He was also seen eating Meat and Eggs on the show which is quite odd for a Sanyasi! He made claims of stopping a missile with the power of his energy! He piled up lies after lies and failed to uphold any claims!

And now, he has also been caught thieving from the inmates! Shampoos, conditioners, perfumes, cosmetics and even cutlery!

Well, he didn’t have a good image before entering the house and all of his actions on national TV have spoiled his image even more! The moment he steps out of the house, he has to answer to the court, to his so-called followers, and to the general public!

Babaji will definitely go down in history!