The pretty Shilpa Raizada, who was last seen on Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar, is currently entertaining the masses on &TV’s Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls. In a candid chat with us, she spoke about her character…take a look:

Shilpa said, “My character is called Binodini aka Binni. She is a regular housewife. Being a cribber, she leaves no stone unturned to announce how sorry her state of affair is. Even though she is blessed with two sweet kids, a loving husband and a decent family, she complains about everything. She loves to compare her status with the other sisters, especially Anjini who has a better life than hers.”

Are you a cribber in real life too? She replied, “Yes I am. I think a person should have complaints from his life or else life will get boring. Sometimes people also have complaints with god.”

In a way, you are similar to your onscreen character? She quipped, “Yes, there are many. I love my family and I am a fun loving person like my character. I balance work and house. Also, I am always confused like Binny!”

Which sister is your best buddy? “I have a lot of scenes with all my sisters. Off screen, we all bond very well but on screen, I am very close to Chandi as she protects me,” said Shilpa.

We wish her best of luck.