The unusual love story of Meher (Gulki Joshi) and Sameer (Karam Rajpal) is about to take a dramatic twist with her getting married to Iqbal, Sameer’s look alike in Life OK’s Nadaan Parinde Ghar Aaja.

As seen so far, Bebe (Tanushree Kaushal) had got to know about Iqbal’s truth, but she failed to tell Meher about the same to save her son Sameer from the clutches of Iqbal. However Iqbal would get to know about Bebe not wanting Meher to get married to him.

So, what will he do?

We hear that he will decide on getting married to Meher first thing in the morning at a temple skipping the evening marriage arrangements.

An innocent Meher will get married to Iqbal without questioning him on the reason for the change of plans. The wedding news will come as a big shocker to Bebe who will be left with no option but to make arrangements for their suhagraat.

So will the two consummate their marriage on suhaagraat?

As seen so far, Iqbal is too confused with his feelings for Meher but there is surely an attraction between them. Hence, he will get romantically involved with Meher. But, they will not make love.

Why doesn’t the consummation take place is something for the viewers to wait and watch.

When contacted Gulki she said, “Meher is madly in love with Sameer and she will follow his every order. As for Iqbal, he doesn’t even exists for her.”

We will keep updating you on more.