Sony TV’s popular show Hum Hain Na to bring forth Chhath Puja sequence for its viewers.

After Bunty (Kanwar Dhillon) and Sagarika (Pratyusha Banerjee) have got married in Sony TV’s popular show Hum Hain Na its time for the family to get into the mood of festivity.

As the holy festival of Chhath Puja is here, the flavor of the festival would also be seen in Hum Hain Na where they will be seen celebrating the festival with full zeal.

We heard from our source that, “Bunty’s Amma (Shubhangi Gokhale) will be performing the very holy festival Chhath Puja for which the entire family would come together at the Banaras Ghat to praise Lord Sun. While Amma would be performing the puja, Sagarika and all the bahus of the family would be helping Amma in every possible way to perform the puja.”

“Sagarika’s bond with Amma will grow strong during the festival as she would be helping Amma in performing the festival,” adds our source.

When contacted Kanwar, he confirmed the news saying, “The best part is that we are shooting for this sequence today on the day of Chhath Puja.”

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