SAB TV’s Chandrakant Chiplunkar Seedi Bambawala brings in a powerful fire sequence in the show to impress the audience even more.

SAB TV’s famous show Chandrakant Chiplunkar Seedi Bambawala has got a lot of viewership from the viewers for its unique concept that the makers of the show has brought in.

The show has never left a stone unturned to set the audience on a laughter riot. This time around the makers of the show have come up with a new track being true to its concept.our source informs –

“The viewers will get to see a major fire sequence in the show in the upcoming episodes. Actually, what happens is Chandrakant Chiplunkar (Prashant Damle) goes to a shop to buy some blankets for his family. While he is returning from the shop, he sees a fire that erupted in a wedding mandap nearby. Seeing this, he informs Agnihotri to seen a fire brigade for people’s rescue. Meanwhile, he takes the blanket and gets into the fire without thinking twice and brought out people who got unconscious due to the heat and smoke. The second time when he gets into the fire, he manages to bring out the groom who was stuck in the fire. He asks the groom to leave from the place as the fire has got even worse. just then the groom reverts that he cannot leave because he was supposed to get married to her and her to be bride is stuck in that dangerous fire. By the time, Agnihotri reaches at the spot with a fire brigade and police. Finally for the third time when he gets into the fire, it got worse than ever before and Chiplunkar did not know whether he will be able to come back alive from the place. So he informs Agnihotri as to how much he loves his family and to give them the message if something wrong happens. Eventually he comes out of the dangerous fire that was erupted with some bruises on his body,” says the source.

“The entire sequence was shoot it very naturally like how it can erupt in real. The makers of the show brought in gas cylinders, rubber seals and more such things to make the sequence look very real,” concludes the source.

Well, now this is a very daring act by Mr. Chiplunkar which will make the audience like him even more.

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