Soon a very interesting sequence will gear up in the show Everest where Chand’s life will be in danger…

Ashutosh Gowariker’s popular show Everest is climbing the ladder of success and captivating the attention of the viewers with its enticing storyline.

As per the ongoing track, the rescue team has already headed to help the team which is stuck in Everest and even the rescue team is finding lost of difficulties. The rescue team even loses their one member during their expedition. On the other hand Anjali (Shamata Anchan) is climbing the Everest all alone to fulfill her dreams. Soon there will be another tragedy coming in their way.

Let’s read about the tragedy –

As per our source, “Roongta (Rajat Kapoor) will argue with Arjun (Sahil Salathia) to summit the Everest expedition because if the mission fails, Roongta’s life will be ruined. Thus Arjun will argue with him as it is very difficult to complete the mission. But still Roongta will pressurize him which will make Abhiyankar loose his cool and finally will clarify to Roongta that it’s a rescue mission and not an Everest expedition.

Latter as the rescue team team will move forward, Chand will get shocked and will tell Arjun not to move an inch ahead as he has stepped on the ice which is covering the valley from the top. As Arjun will try to slowly move away, ice will get break and Arjun along with everyone as they are are tied with each other and will fall in the cliff.”

Our source further adds, “Only Abhyankar (Milind Gunaji) will manage to stop just at the edge. He will try to pull everyone up, but due to heavy weight his all efforts will go in vain. Chand will feel that they won’t be able to hold on for long time as they all will fall due weight. Thus to ensure that the team is safe, Chand who is at the bottom will decide to cut his rope and decrease the weight for Abhiyankar. As soon as he will try to cut his rope and sacrifice his life, Anjali will come at the spot and will stop Chand from doing so. Thus Anjali and Abhiyankar will managed to get them up again. Finally Anjali will meet her team and no longer will proceed alone to achieve her dream.”

How will everyone react seeing Anjali? Will she be punished for going against the decision?

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