“The celebs are too boring and are playing safe. Sadly, Indiawales are getting eliminated,” sighed Navin Prakash as he got in conversation with us post his eviction from Bigg Boss 10 (Colors and Endemol).

Navin, who is a teacher by profession states that he has no complaints against Nitibha Kaul whose refusal to give up her makeup made him get nominated (as part of task). “I feel makeup is quite essential for a woman and I did not expect her to sacrifice that for me. I was very positive with her throughout the week and I have no hard feelings against her.”

Stating that Manveer Gurjar and Manu (Manoj Punjabi) are the two strong contenders, he lays his bet on Manveer. “He is a very honest guy and though both are playing really well, I would root for Manveer for being a pure-hearted person.”

The Bihar guy who rose to a successful career fighting poverty was seen bonding well with Swami Om. Smilingly he clarifies, “He is an old guy and you tend to empathize with him. Also he is an unguided missile which can shoot off anytime. Though it might not have been telecasted, but we used to spend a lot of time chanting the Hanuman Chalisa with him. I have known him for a long time and understand his sudden outbursts.”

Navin who says is fine with his eviction is sad that Rahul Dev got safe against him. “I have given more than my 100 per cent to the task and of course I felt bad that he got saved. He is someone who doesn’t even move around and he is sitting safe in the house.”

The man who has plans to try his luck in anchoring speaking about his anger issues said, “That’s my temperament. It’s not that I was been short tempered but I was being myself. I did not go for a picnic in Bigg Boss like the celebs, and did try my level best to play the game accordingly.”

Good luck Navin!